Inventory pilot experience in the Terra de Lemos forest district (Lugo)

After a period of more than a year and a half of development, we have launched a pilot experience in the Terra de Lemos forest district, which has been chosen by Agresta to experiment with new developments and functionalities of the ForestMap platform. It is a prototype that is allowing us to validate its interest for different types of users, paying special attention to forest owners.

This work is a learning lab for its application in the definitive ForestMap platform, which will be launched in autumn, incorporating forest inventories of pilot areas developed in other countries. Our aim is to improve its usability by giving access to a free inventory for surfaces up to 4 ha, and to find out the aspects of this type of technology that are of most or least interest to the different actors in the territory.

At the same time, a local information campaign on this initiative is being carried out so that as many interested people as possible can use this free service, with press releases and on interviews on radio stations in the province of Lugo. A specific website and viewer have been created for this pilot experience.

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