FOWITA conference

From 13th to 15th September the FOWITA event will take place. It’s a forestry science conference that gives the public an overview of forestry research in German-speaking countries. It also serves as an exchange between forestry scientists across disciplinary boundaries.

As in previous years, the presentations at FOWITA should reflect the amplitude of forest science research. To this end, the planning group, which consists of representatives from the forestry faculties of the universities of Dresden, Freiburg, Göttingen and Munich, has identified the following eight priority themes:

– Forests, politics and society

– Climate change and forests

– Biodiversity and livelihood protection

– Wood: future resource of the bioeconomy

– Forest ecosystem management

– Soil, water, material cycles

– Forest as a workplace

– Open theme (cross-border issues)

Agresta will be present at the event participating in a special session dedicated to the CARE4C project, where we will present “Online forest biomass inventories with Forestmap. A pilot experience in Germany” where we will detail our pilot experience in Germany with Forestmap.

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