ForestMap at the event “Aerial inspection and remote sensing services for forest management”

On November 22nd between 9:00 and 10:30 ForestMap will be one of the three initiatives presented at the event “Aerial inspection and remote sensing services for forest management” that will take place in Joenssu (Finland). The event can be followed on-line. It is part of a series of meetings facilitated by the European Forest Institute in collaboration with other institutions within the “Bioregions Facility Event Platform, Forest bioeconomy in action”. The Bioregions Facility connects forward-thinking regions across Europe unlocking regional potential through international exchange on the forest circular bioeconomy.

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Below is an overview of the event:

Meet the innovators, get inspired and develop new partnerships

Forestry Speed Dating puts innovators in contact with potential partners and end-users, to speed up innovation and create new partnerships. Through a series of one hour speed dating workshops, and facilitation of meeting with innovators, you can find inspiration and explore new solutions towards a sustainable forest circular bioeconomy for your area.

Theme 1: Digitalisation of forest management, inventory and monitoring.

Discover new digital solutions to improve forest management, sustainable forest operations and efficient supply. Find out more about digital tools that support forest managers’ decision-making as well as communicating what you do to the public and engaging their input.

Forestry Speed Dating #2: 22 November, 09:00-10:30 (CET)

Get in touch with the innovators behind innovative remote sensing and aerial inspection services for forest inventory and monitoring, and hear about how they can help you save time and money on field work, or seek potential collaborations.

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