ForestMap available in several languages

We are pleased to announce that the ForestMap platform is available in all the languages of the countries where we have carried out a pilot project: Slovenian, French, German, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, in addition to English. Anyone can access the platform, use it and get results from any of the areas we have inventoried … Read more

FOWITA conference

From 13th to 15th September the FOWITA event will take place. It’s a forestry science conference that gives the public an overview of forestry research in German-speaking countries. It also serves as an exchange between forestry scientists across disciplinary boundaries. As in previous years, the presentations at FOWITA should reflect the amplitude of forest science … Read more

Forestry Fair Forexpo 2021

In a few days ForestMap will be presented at Forexpo, one of the most important forestry fairs in Europe. For this purpose, Agresta will have a stand at the service area (stand nº7) The fair will take place on the 22, 23 and 24 September in Mimizan, as usual, in the French Landes. ( We … Read more

LiDAR inventory in the ForestMap pilot area in Portugal

The inventory of the pilot area in northern Portugal, covering about 12,900 ha in the municipalities of Mondim de Basto, Amarante and Celorico de Basto, is being finalised. We have preliminary results that we are checking, correcting and refining. After a data capture flight in June 2020, two field data collection campaigns were carried out, … Read more

Inventory pilot experience in the Terra de Lemos forest district (Lugo)

After a period of more than a year and a half of development, we have launched a pilot experience in the Terra de Lemos forest district, which has been chosen by Agresta to experiment with new developments and functionalities of the ForestMap platform. It is a prototype that is allowing us to validate its interest … Read more

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